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Being into QSR industry for nearly two decades, we not only knew what all kind of rules and regulations QSR needs to follow along with its documentation part but also got expertise in to implementation to ensure hassle-free audits. In India, obtaining the required licenses, e.g. health license, food safety license & permits , various certificates addition to Hygiene , police license, No Objection Certificate (or NOC, from the fire department and the state pollution control board), etc. is a major challenge and must thing to ensure for smooth restaurant operations. The process is not centralized yet and requires filing applications with individual stakeholders, which involves a lot of paperwork and its time-consuming activity .We, help our clients to focus on their core business of food quality, test, timely food delivery and we ensure liasoning work in place. We do help our clients in tendering the bids with pre & post documentation work.

Consult with us to ease your liasoning pain and start to focus on growth factors.


One of the major factor a quick service restaurant doesn’t do well is because it fails to do a rational check or third party audit for what they do & how they perform daily tasks which are directly & indirectly affect the brand value of QSR . In many years we have observed that QSR often fall in love with their offered services along with food, and starts to assume it’s the best in industry but one fine day end up in witnessing declined footfall with consumer complains, rise in operational issues. In this competitive world, it happens that your weakness becomes the selling strength or value addition to others.

If you are witnessing the same, do not hesitate to contact us before it’s too .late to help you we have crafted customized cost service check programmers to audit your QSR activities, few of them are

  • Pass the hygiene
  • Taste Bud checker
  • Feasibility check
  • Serve the auditor check
  • Interior check.


Are you facing a problem to procure or supply the raw material for your QSR , wanted to buy or sell running business , Need to know the best of class security & fire control systems , Need to have a niche advertising or branding agency , wanted buy Displays at restro ,Chafers/Warmers ,Service Trays , various displays , wish to a become corporate partner etc. Mail us to Use or become a part of our network partners, who are best at what they do and at affordable services. We can vouch on them for client satisfaction.

  • Creating Platform between customers and central kitchen
  • Creating customer convenience at decision ,access, transaction, delivery
  • Technology integration