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We at inspirational hospitality, witnessing increasing graph of QSR outlets all areas of India, customers are willing to visit their favorite food joints again and again, wanted to create and relish on happy moments. Consumer spending’s showing signs of life and we strongly believe it’s time for QSR owners & industry at large to look beyond cost-cutting and seek growth through process innovation to meet what customer’s needs.

With our unique Improvement Plans which comprised by series of different action plans to improve practice and outcomes of different systems and processes at our client.

Few of the process and systems we do improve are restaurant support operations, accounting, treasury, payroll, franchise support, fixed assets, project accounting, Reconciliations, Procurement administration. While doing so we do take feedback from Customers, internal employees, vendors for initial audit inputs.

Our solutions may consist of changing or modify the procedures & modus of operand, integrations of various services from different verticals, getting required technological support etc.

Do get in touch with us to know how we can improve your business operations.


A supply chain is an act of connecting dots, focusing on customer satisfaction which includes suppliers, distribution centers and delivery to end clients. Supply chain plays an instrumental role in new restaurant and for continued growth in the existing operations.

Improving your score on supply chain at early stage is a wise decision to take. At inspirational hospitality we have experts, who helped to set leading QSR brands supply chain operations in India and overseas,

Supply chain is changing its definition in QSR, as technology is bringing in advances like virtual reservations, online reviews, and increased customer interaction through social media, we will help you to know what it means to your QSR

You can consult us for,

  • Selection & allocation of cost effective vendors
  • Setting up a standard supply chain for raw materials
  • Setting up a smooth purchase ordering system and procurement process
  • Packaging material selection
  • Disposables selection
  • Stock management procedures along with transportation system
  • Contract management
  • Engage and align QSR business, across all chains of the organization.


Food packaging is one of the most important & influential decision making factor to decide on purchasing food item from any QSR. Innovative, Hygiene, easy to carry & eat , packaging styles created the brands in customer’s minds. Inspirational hospitality can consult you in selecting the right material for right food to ensure quality will be remained same.
QSR needs to understand the science & art behind packaging material, its chemical and physical attributes. We have played an instrumental role in ideating the concept ,designing & selection of materials.