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If you are planning to start a new quick service restaurant & need a handholding for basic nitty-gritties of its operational part, need a help in conceptualizing, ideating a thought to plan and execute with required support addition to brand building, budgeting, creating business model & performing marketing strategies that can deliver results, work on theme interior , menu engineering, procuring to deliver the end product many more …

To get all this done with our subject matter expertise , what you all need to do is make a call / write a mail to us with required details.

  • Site Feasibility Report
  • Professional Kitchen Designing
  • Designing theme restaurants
  • Define business model
  • Menu engineering


Strategic Marketing Plan focus on long term goals such as developing Marketing Share, Building yield and Growing Revenues.

  • Overall Cost Leadership
  • Differentiation
  • Focus
  • Operational Excellence
  • Innovation


Inspiration hospitality creates implements specific strategies for achieving clients end goals. Clients end goals may vary from image building, promoting service to some specific target audience, working on promotional activities etc. it’s an ongoing set of activities and evaluations, determined to implement strategies. If you want to increase market share among health-conscious consumers, you might start sponsoring sporting events or advertising in health and fitness magazines.

  • Budgeting
  • Brand building activities
  • Promotions
  • Campaign
  • Event-based Marketing


An effective marketing need to be backed by effective public relations strategy , consult with us to know what should be your PR budget , How to develop your key messages , Identify your target audiences , Tailored PR activities considering target audience , initiating and achieving end result of social PR activities ,etc.

For our consulting services, mail us before you go start your PR activities to avoid landing with wrong message to your targeted customer.


Most of the QSR initiatives fails & became dead unit or cost center by not understanding paradigm shift in customer’s needs & demand, and resist accepting the change. On the other hand restaurants which are more flexible and open minded to change, became the success stories.

We can understand the pain of dead QSR, get in touch with us to know how your QSR can be redefined and rebranded, use our expertise for a perfect root cause analysis and ride again on a success story with the help of our turnaround strategy and be a choice of consumer.